Thursday, December 2, 2010

WIP Russian Leaf Done in Peyote - Part 1

Most often you see the Russian Leaf pattern done in St Petersburg chain stitch. But done in peyote with Delica's they have an elegant look to them. They are not hard at all, and if you are making something that requires a lot of separate leaves, it's almost boring - lol. I'll do a tutorial on the individual leaf shortly. I find that using the black matte beads for tut's works best for photos :).
For lack of a better term, each leaf is sort of a chevron. I've made 6 of them here and they are
joined together. Then the last one is brought around and joined to the first one forming a circle.
Hmmm, I just noticed if I had stopped at 5 points, I'd would have had a nice star - another project!


Kristen said...

That is so cool and you know I love the way you show your work! Thanks for the inspirations!

dentedhalo said...

I hope you will post a tute! I have been looking around like crazy trying to figure out how to make leaves! :)