Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Shore Birds

Whoa... it's really, really windy here. But there are some shore birds on the beach. The Royal Tern is in it's winter foliage. It's black crown is usually all black. Right now, they look like they are having a bad hair day. The Sandwich
Tern has just a tip of mustard color on it's beak.

I guess it's obvious where the Ring-Billed Gull gets its name.

And the Willet, really does have two legs! But they were all standing on one leg and even hopping around on the one leg, rather than walking with both.


Suzie said...

Poor, birdies. .they are going to think that they are still up North, with the cold temps that are to arrive in Florida tonight and tomorrow night. .hope you brought your wooly hat and mittens!

Excellent photos though! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Pin-Feathers said...

Aren't they beautiful? Just love em.
Thanks for sharing.