Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Teapots are Multiplying!

Again! Here's a cute miniature set I found in a store done in St Pete's Beach. The little Snowman Set. The biggest piece, the teapot is 2" high and the plate is about 4" wide. Cute.

And then, the white one is a full size pot, decorated with silver (it's more than likely white gold) overlay. It's either bone china or porcelain. The light passes through it. A great find at the flea market this morning.

And the cats in the chair teapot is a just for fun one. The floor lamp is the handle. And the vase on the table is the spout. This teapot is also full size, about 7" handle to spout.

Gary keeps saying he doesn't know how we're going to fit all this in the car for the trip home, but he keeps pointing them out to me - lol

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