Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book Review - 'Embellished Beadweaving'

Embellished Beadweaving is written by Laura McCabe. The subtitle is Jewelry Lavished with Fringe, Fronds, Lacework and More. The cover also mentions Beadweaving Master Class. Don't let that scare you.
The book first covers a bit a history of beadweaving, tools, bead sizes, basic stitches. It's only a 142 page book and we don't see any real embellishment techniques for the first 25 pages. Then we get down to business with some embellishment stitches, Simple Bud, Simple Flower, Leaf Cluster, Berry Cluster, Dagger Cluster and some projects with complete instructions for using the various embellishments. There are some fabulous eye candy photos too, but again, full page eye candy photos in a short book seem like fillers. The instructional parts are very, very good, but I guess what I'm saying is, I wanted more! More content, more projects and instructions. Still Amazon has it for sale for $13.03, free shipping if your total purchase is over $25

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