Sunday, December 26, 2010

St John's Pass

It really isn't too cold here today, but the wind really makes it feel colder.
Another favorite stop while we're here is St John's Pass

Our favorite store here is The Spice and Tea Exchange

And here is a shot of the outside of the shop and the owner Vic inside.
The shop has a great selection of loose teas, a large variety of sea salts. I love the
different flavors, and oh, just all kinds of spices and cooking herbs. The shop smells divine.
They also sell salt and pepper mills, special 'house blends' of various meat rubs, even large
chunks of salts and microplanes to shave it.
And Vic is very personable, he makes everyone feel welcome.

My haul today
Almond Cookie Tea-cinnamon and almond mixed with black tea
Mystic Dragon Tea - a blend of Sencha and Dragonwell
Vanilla Bean Sugar
Hawaiian Red Sea Salt -
LaBaleine French Sea Salt - a freebie!
Pinot Noir Sea Salt
Olive Sea Salt
Florida Sunshine - A sea salt, lemon, pepper blend.
White Muntok Peppercorns
Black Tellicherry Peppercornds
Ancho Pepper Powder
Matanzas Chili Blend

lol - You should have seen the look on his face when I asked for Chili Powder. He said which kind. I said "I want the one you've been shipping to Suzie!" lol - yep, my crazy lady rep is in tact!

St John's Pass is a must see area if you are in the area. Plenty of shops and restaurants. Casino cruises, fishing charters, and we even spotted 4 dolphins in the water this morning.


Suzie said...

Nice treats!!! You are going to love those peppercorns & the Ancho pepper powder!

Is the Matanzas Chili Blend super hot?

If you like the Vanilla Bean Sugar, once you run out, it is super easy to make your own! :-)

And you did NOT tell him that! lol Nice try though. . .

Pam said...

Vic said he had a recipe on the site using the Matanzas chili blend, but I haven't looked yet. And, YES, I did.