Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book Review - Chain and Bead Jewelry

'Handcrafted Chain and Bead Jewelry' by Scott David Plumlee
Now, I don't know much about making chain jewelry, but just seeing what
the gals at the Hive were making, made me think, I have to try this. Then
when I saw this book, chain and BEADS, well, we have to have a look.
The book covers the basic tools you'll need, wire gauges, wrapping your own
jump rings and buying pre-made. The instructions are given for making
some different styles of chain patterns, color coded easy instructions. And
then projects incorporating beads into the project. This book looks great
and it's full of projects and instructions, not a lot of fluff and fillers.
Amazon has it for $13.57 - so happy Santa brought me all the beading
books on my wish list!

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