Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tidal Pool Bracelet

Finished! And I love it. I took these photos down on the beach, but later I'll try a couple indoors with the flash. Most of the beads I used were silver lined and they really sparkle in the sun.
I mentioned to Gary that the glasses I just got last year don't seem to be strong enough anymore, he looked at the bracelet and said 'no wonder'.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Herringbone with Cubes

This worked up really fast, less than 2 hours.
Herringbone done with 4mm black matte and silver cubes.
Santa knows how good I was this year and left my Christmas present early. It's a 12 mega pixels Olympus with a 26 optical zoom. Love it. I'm still learning all the 'bells and whistles'.

Bead Shops in Fla

Yesterday, I visited the Celestial Beading shop at 201 150th Ave in Madeira Beach. What a nice shop. Very well organized, bright lights that made all the beads just sparkle and cry out -
"Take me home!"
I had to pick up some 6/0's for my sea theme bracelet. I had bought some from ebay before we left, but after starting the project, I realized what I had bought were labeled 8/0's, but were actually 6/0's. So I found both sizes at Celestial. Now I think I can re-start the bracelet.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowflakes Are Tumblin'

We just had a big snowfall, so finishing this piece just in time. Named in honor of my friend, Suzie, who is always encouraging me to be even more craftier!
I'm convinced photographing bead work is harder than beading the piece. If you click on the photo to enlarge, the detail shows up better.
Next, I need to switch gears from a wintery theme to seaside. We'll be leaving for Fla in just a couple of days. I've got plenty of beads packed for the trip.
Happy Holidays to All