Friday, January 28, 2011

Russian Leaf Done in Peyote Part 2

Continue repeating Steps 3 through 5B, decreasing at the end and increasing at the other as shown.
I can't tell you a specific number of rows because that will depend on the size of leaf you wish
to make. For now, we'll go with 8 rows.
Remove Stop Bead and flip work, Step 6 and repeat Steps 1 through 5B until both sides are even. Step 7
I've added the silver picot bead along the final edge.

Next step also depends on your purpose for the leaves. You attach each of the ends together
to form the leaves. (Finished Leaf) Your pattern may call for several leaves attached to each other to form a flower,
or a single leaf for earrings, or a string of them for a necklace. Again, these can be made in a variety of sizes.

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