Sunday, January 2, 2011

12 Random Things about Me

Joni Nickrent, here at the Hive, shared 12 random things about herself and asked us to do the same so here are mine.

1. My dad lost his right arm when he was a young man. It never stopped him from doing anything. I always figured if he could try anything, so could I.
2. I loved stenography in high school. The teacher couldn't talk fast enough. I could do
240 words per minute.
3. My mom died when I was 19, I had a brand new baby and a husband in Vietnam, and my older sister has learning disabilities.
4. My first job was at Ft Monmouth NJ -
5. I met my second husband there when he returned from Vietnam. He became a police
officer in north jersey and I took a job as a health claims adjuster for union members.
6. I became a union shop steward when I found out that this same office would not allow the women
working there to join a union. We not only joined a union, but our salaries were almost doubled and we acquired paid sick days.
7. At one time I had over 1,000 african violets growing under lights, and shipped leaf cuttings all over the world. Now, I grow over 1,000 different varieties of Hosta.
8. I run co-ops every year to buy plants and bulbs at wholesale prices.
9. I collect tea pots, Rowe pottery and blue willow china
10. We live in the woods in a small log cabin. My sister has lived with us for over 20 years.
11. I wouldn't be here if my Grandmother hadn't missed the boat - Titanic!
12. At one time, I made all my clothes and even suits for my husband.

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