Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Review - The White Russian Beading Book

Ok, that's not really the title, but I have never seen anyone mention what the title on the cover
translates to, and I can't type it here because we don't have all the keys necessary to type it in Russian.
So it's commonly called The White Russian Beading book. And yes, you can google it by entering
the White Russian Beading Book. It's totally written in Russian.
Why buy a book in Russian if you can't read Russian? It's a BEADING BOOK, of course. lol
But, really, it has some fantastic beading eye candy. A lot of the real, old world, designs. And oh, it has charts, step by step charts, that need no translation. Seed beads of various sizes and bugles are used quite a bit.
It's a 400 page, hard back book. It's a little expensive, but check Ebay often for it and you might
luck out. I found a copy there 2 years ago for a reasonable price. It's a wonderful book.

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:D :D You need to begin studies in the Russian language: D :D