Thursday, January 27, 2011

Russian Leaf Done in Peyote Part 1

I had a request for a tutorial for Russian Leaves. I'll do them in Peyote first and then
St Petersburg Chain.

Russian leaves can be made in any size, from small embellishment size to extra large collar size.
The width of the leaf is determined by the number of beads in your starting row. For a tutorial size here, I am making a medium large leaf.

Russian leaves are worked one side at a time. You start with an even number of beads. I like Delicas best, but seed beads also work. I am also using a picot at the end of each row, shown here in silver. If you want a plain edge, just eliminate the silver bead.

Take a length of Fireline or thread, about a yard is sufficient for a regular sized leaf. Center a stop bead on the thread, you'll use the other half for the other side of leaf. I'm starting here with a picot bead, 16 delicas (remember start with an even number) and 3 picot SEE STEP 1
beads to make the point. Turn the needle and go back through the last bead of the main color.
Let the silver picot beads form a point. SEE STEP 1A. Then you will work the rest of the black beads in peyote. STEP 2

At the end of the row, you'll turn and work the next row in peyote,STEP 3 this time stopping one bead
short from the end of the row Step 3A. You are making a reduction here by stopping short. Add Picot silver bead and turn. Step 4 Complete row in peyote. At the end of this row, you make an addition.
Add 2 black beads and 1 picot bead. Step 5 Bring the need back through the first of the 2 black beads
just added. Step 5 APull tight, keeping the picot bead to the left, inside, and you'll see you are in position to finish the row in peyote again. Step 5B

More tomorrow


Lola D said...

Thanks for posting these! I have been searching and searching for these instructions! Can't wait to try them.

Lola D said...

Thanks for posting! I've been looking for a good explanation of these! Can't wait to try!