Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Favorite Seller - Delica Beads

Want to see all the colors of Delica beads all in one page? Go here
An 11/0 Delica is slightly smaller than an 11/0 seed bead. A seed bead has a round edge to it while a Delica is a straight cut and each bead fits snug up against the other. It's called Tiling.
I think Delica beads are better for loom work, and structural pieces, pieces that you want
to have a stiffer body, keep their shape on their own.
Barbara Ebbe is the owner of She is also an author of several books with patterns for beading with Delica's
This is one of my favorites with not only charts and instructions for the amulet bags, but instructions for various fringe and straps.
You can buy Delica's in small or larger quantities. Barb also sells Tilas and 15/0's and HexCuts, and more.

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