Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring? Yep, this is what greeted us yesterday morning. Almost 4 new inches of snow over night.
That stupid groundhog! Early spring, indeed. Even if he had called for 6 more weeks of winter, he would still be wrong!
Just when the winter's accumulation had almost melted! Little plants were peeking up out of the soil. This won't hurt them though. And neither will the 4-6 " called for tonight. Spring will win out!

'Onion Snow' is a term used here in PA. But regionally, it has different meanings.
Some say, Onion Snow is a wet spring snow that comes after the onions sprout.
Others, call the first (note they say 'first') wet spring snow after St Patrick's day, is the Onion Snow. It's safe to plant onions in the garden. Sure, if you can find the garden under all the snow!

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