Saturday, March 5, 2011


This one calls for an 18mm rivoli, but I imagine any 18mm stone would work also.
A small circle of ultra suede to back the rivoli. I've been reading lately that the back
coating can be easily scratched and ruin the look of the rivoli.
11/0 delica beads. I'm using the bright silver DBS 41 here and the matte
silver DB 321
Step 1 - thread on 36 beads in this order
2 silver 1 matte silver 2 silver- tie in circle and pass thread through
the first 5 beads threaded on (2 silver, 1 matte, 2 silver, coming out in front of a matte bead)
Step 2 , add 2 silver beads and pass over 1 matte, and pass through 1 silver bead.
Step 3 - Add 1 matte bead, pass through 1 matte,
add 1 matte, pass through 1 silver (step 3A)
Step 4 - repeat Step 2 and 3 around
Step 5 - at end, pass through the first 2 silver beads added in this round
Step 6 - Add a matte bead, pass through a matte bead
Step 7 - add a silver bead, pass through a matte bead,
add a matte bead and go through the next 2 silver beads Step 7A

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