Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rivoli Part 2

Step 8 - Go down through 2 silver beads from previous round and add 1 silver bead and go back up three silver bead, down through the next - repeat around. We are creating a 'point' for the inner star
End round by coming up through 3 silver and 1 matte
Step 9
add 1 silver - pass through silver
add 1 silver - pass through matte
Step 10
pass through next silver - add 1 matte
bring needle and bead up and over the
same silver bead and pass through the silver
bead again and through the next silver bead
Step 11 - add matte bead and bring up and
over again, pass through the silver bead
Repeat Step 9, 10 and 11 around
Here's what we look like at this point

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mary tibbs said...

thanks for this tutorial. Very clever way to bezel a rivoli! I have made several and they all turned out great!