Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring in the Greenhouse

I run plant co-ops through out the spring and summer. A group of us buy plants wholesale by the trays.
All the plants are shipped to me and I divide them up and send them on to their permanent homes.
Usually by the time the plants or bulbs arrive, I can leave them outside and pack them for shipping. BUT, it's still cold outside, snow on the ground and more coming tonight and possibly
later in the week.
I can fit some in the greenhouse, but I already had a lot of hostas overwintering in there, so there
isn't too much space. This week, I'm packing and shipping sedums, aka stonecrop. Hoping to get all these out in the mail before about 1200 lily bulbs arrived, followed by echinacea and heuchera.
Top Row here - Sedum Xenox and Sedum Autumn Charm
2d Row - Sedum Autumn Delight and Chocolate Ball

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