Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beaded Bead #1 Tut

Let's start with this one. I'm doing this in stripes like her tut, to show the stitches better, but it would look great in a solid color also. Use delica's for this herringbone stitch. Keep tension tight.
Be sure your thread does not twist when making the herring bone stitch, keep the thread straight out of one bead and into the next without twisting. Don't be put off by the number of
steps I have here, I tried to go really slow :)
Step 1 - Thread on 8 black delica's and tie in a circle. Pass needle through the first bead on.
Step 2 - Add 2 black beads and go through the next 2 bead, repeat around, adding 2, passing through 2 - After you add the last 2 and pass through the last 2, pass the needle up through
the 1 bead added in this step.
Step 3 - Add 2 beads and go back down through the next bead (bead #2 in above step). You are
creating herring bone stitches here.
Step 4 - Add 1 copper bead and go up through next 'corner' bead
Step 5 - Repeat Steps 3 and 4 - 3 more times - ending with passing the needle up through the first bead added in Step 3.
Step 6 - Add 2 black beads - and down through only 1 of the black beads in this herringbone stitch.
Step 7 - Add 1 copper bead, pass through the previous copper bead and add another copper bead. Pass needle through the black bead of herringbone stitch. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 around.
Step 7a - come up through 2 black herringbone beads to be in position to start next row
Step 8 - Add 2 black beads and create herringbone stitch. Add 1 Silver bead and go through
1 copper bead, add 2 copper beads and create herringbone stitch coming done through copper
bead, add 1 silver bead and come up through black herring bone stitch. Repeat around ending
Step 9 - coming up through 2 black beads in position for the next black herringbone stitch


A Adamson said...

I am the administrator of a large Facebook Group, Seed Beads and More. We currently have over 3000 members and are growing daily.

Each month, I issue a beading challenge to the members, usually featuring a different technique using seed beads. The challenge is in the form of an informative document, including links to sites such as yours.

For our next challenge, I plan to challenge our beaders to create a design using a herringbone (Ndebele) stitch. For those that have mastered the technique, I want to point them toward forming something out of the ordinary rectangular flat piece using herringbone stitching.

I found this on your site,
along with the pages for parts 2 and 3

In our web document for the members, I would like your permission to include one image from the tutorial with a link to the site.

I would, of course, submit it for your approval before publishing.

I feel that your site would be of benefit to our members, and that the exposure would bring new visitors to your site, benefiting both of us.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Anita Adamson
Seed Beads and More Administrator

Pam said...

Hello Anita, Yes you may use the picture and pattern. I am also a member of your Facebook group. I am
Wood Thrush there.