Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ah, the Ups and Downs of Making a Living

There's a light raining falling but this guy is
determined to have lunch. I guess he doesn't want any of the sunflower seeds on top of the
snow. Maybe they are frozen to the surface.
He's pretty comfortable exposing himself. This little guy has a problem with his tail too. Notice
it's not fluffy, it's always smooth and pretty flat.


Jeanne said...

Poor little guy! Maybe he's building a tunnel somewhere.....

Suzie said...

Did he see his shadow? Is this all the better you can do for a groundhog? We DO know the difference you know. . .lol

Pam said...

Suz, my grand plan was he'd go in the hole and his tail would stick up and cast a shadow or not. Who knew I'd end up with a squirrel who can't lift his tail.