Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beaded Bead - Seed Bead Berry

This one is done in 11/0 Seed beads. Done in red, it kind of looks like a raspberry.
I am using a wooden bead for the core, approx 12/14 mm but you can use any bead, even a pearl.
Step 1 - begin with 4 beads threaded and tied in a circle. Go through 1st bead again.
Step 2 Add 1 bead, pass through next, add a bead, pass through next. Continue around until you add last bead, pass through bead and pass through 1 st bead added in this round
Step 3 - Add 2 beads and pass needle through corner bead - repeat around. At the end of this round, add the last two beads, go through corner bead and up through the #1 bead added in this
Step 4 - Add a bead, go through the next, add a bead, repeat around, coming up through the last bead and the first bead added in this round. You'll notice you are now doing peyote in the round.
At the end of each round, be sure to step up by again passing through the first bead added in the round.
Step 5 - ? Repeat Step 4 until you reach the other 'shoulder' on the other end of the bead. This will vary depending on the size of your bead. Keep tension medium tight to keep shape with the bead.
In the next post, we'll decrease and finish.


Susanna said...

Thankyou so much for your berrie pattern Pam, love your clear explanation and sketches!p

GH said...

Thank you so much!! Without you I would never have managed to learn this!