Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beaded Bead Tut Part 2

Ok, we should look like this now.
Step 9A - Add 2 black beads and create herringbone stitch, coming down through 1 black bead
Step 10 -Add 2 silver beads and
Step 11 come up through copper bead, create herringbone stitch, passing back down through 2d copper bead.
Step 12 - Add 2 silver beads and come up through black bead, creating herringbone stitch.
Repeat around, remember to come up through 2 black beads at the last round.
Step 13 - You'll note now we have 2 bead in each color. Create herringbone stitch in each color.
Keep tension tight. Repeat herringbone row. It will start to cup now since you are not adding any more increases.
Step 13a- repeating herringbone stitch
Step 14 - as you continue rows, start to gently form it around your bead - I'm using one about 3/4".

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