Friday, November 26, 2010

Coffee/Tea Cup Swap at the Hive/Swap Received

Jan MacKay organized a Coffee/Tea Cup Swap at the Hive . Cyndy Weeks was my swap partner
and I received it today. Isn't it cute? A jolly little Santa cup and Cyndy included a Santa ornie and
treats - chocolates and coffee - A real buzzzzzzz! lol Thanks so much Cyndy. Everything is great!

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PrimitiveJan said...

Hi Pam, The swap wasn't at the Hive it was on my blog. heheh
My Primitive Nest. You got a sweet cup. I would like to post a picture of it if you would please email it to me so I can show it on my blog.
That came from Cindy Weeks, right?
Love your bead work. Have you seen mine on Flicker. I haven't done much lately as my interest are more into the sewing mode just now. I go from one extreme to another. heh
Anyways, please email me a pic so I can post it.