Saturday, November 15, 2014

So now we're ready to assemble.  Again, my ball is 1 1/2".  If yours is larger, you will need to make adjustments.   I've made 4 medallions.  To attach them, you'll need a top ring around the ball.  Since there are four medallions, the number of beads in the top ring should be divisible by four.  I have 24 beads in my ring around the top of the ball.
Now we'll divide that 24 bead ring by 4.  Add 7 beads to the thread and stitch through every 6th bead, 4 times. 
after adding the 4th group of 7 beads, work down 3 of the first 7 bead group.  Stitch through one of the medallions and back through the next 3 beads.  Through the 6th bead again and down through 3 beads of the next swag.

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