Thursday, November 13, 2014

Miniature Christmas Ball Ornament
This is a 1 1/2" ornament ball.  You can make adjustments for a slightly larger or smaller ball.
These are the directions for the medallion portion.  You will need 4 of them for a ball this size.
First - thread on 5 11/0's and tie in circle
Next add 1 11/0 in between each of the first 5 beads.  You 'll now have what looks like a little star.
Next add 2 superduos in between each of the last five 11/0's
Then add 1 Superduo in between each of the previous rows' superduos
Next row, we'll add 1 4mm pearl in between each superduo.  You can use 4mm bicones here, but be
careful, they will scratch the finish on the ball.

Next row, add 5 11/0s over each pearl.
That completes the medallion - you'll need 4 of these for the 1 1/2" ball.  Next installment, we'll connect these medallions.

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