Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday Present

Sorry the first part of this story went through before I finished. I've had my Golden Touch n Sew for over 30 years with a love / hate relationship. And finally the hate took over and I stopped sewing a long, long time ago.
Enter my friend Suzie (Snowflakesrtumblin). We've chatted over the years and miles about one day making dolls. I've bought fabrics and patterns, but every time I've looked at that Touch n Sew, it just dared me to take it out of the cabinet. Well a few weeks back, I did. I tried to sew with it, but again, it sewed a bit and then jammed all up again. Same thing it has always done.
So I said to hubby, ' I think I want a new sewing machine. Nothing fancy, just a basic sewing basic.'
So, Suz and I began the search. Now, if you EVER need to find anything on the net, ask Suz.
She is the Sorceress of Google searches! We were both searching and both came up with the
same machine. Suzie found a video about this machine on another site at the same time I was looking at it on the Walmart site. They don't have this machine in the store, but you can order is
site to store and pick it up.
Sew - get it? - lol - here is my Bead Table Wednesday.
Hubby says no more birthday present this year, he's done. Well, gee, I have four more days until my birthday! I should get another, shouldn't I?


Suzie said...

Sorceress? lol Oh my!!! Does that mean I get to wear your crown? Guess not. .only Queens wear crowns. .that means that you have to make me a fancy pointy hat with that handy dandy new machine you now have!

And no. .not a dunce cap! A dressy velvet or silk one adorned with your fancy beading,and bangles, and a silky veil attached to it! LOL

And yes! More celebrations are in order! At the very least another surf & turf dinner, finished off with cheesecake! After all, you ARE his Queenie!

Pam said...

rofl - I purposely did NOT call you Queen of google searches - lol
I will make the hat IF you come and get it!

Kristen said...

It so would have been nice if I had know someones birthday was coming..... I am sending best wishes and hugs and love to a great friend who hasn't given up on me because I can't seem to crack the hive at the moment. LOL
Love the machine and I want to know how you like it!

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