Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White Cameo Cuff

I finally finished my white cameo cuff bracelet. I started it before we left for Fla, but haven't done much serious beading since we got here. The cuff is 2" wide and has an aluminum cuff blank in between the base and lining to keep it's shape. I used all white beads with different sizes and finishes, and some lucite and glass flower shaped beads.
Boy, have I bought a ton of beads down here!


EWA gyöngyös világa! / EWA's World of Beads said...

Beautiful bracelet!Congrats!

kbradseth said...

Beautiful cuff! I came to the blog to look at your peyote leaves, but had to peruse other posts as well. Where do you find the aluminum cuffs you use?

Pam said...

Kris, you can find the aluminum cuff blanks at