Monday, November 14, 2011

Stiff Felt for Beading Embroidery

Well, I have tried embroidering on some thin leather from Tandy, but it is still pretty hard on my fingers.
I even discovered I was piercing the tip of my index finger and didn't notice it. Just under the first
layer of skin and out again! Yikes! So, I went in search of the stiff felt some have recommended to me.
We passed a fabric store on the way to the apple orchard this weekend and stopped there. I found some stiff felt for $4.00 a yard x 60" wide. Nice! Only probably was they only had it in taupe. It's a nice neutral color though. Then off on a trip to town and Michaels. Armed with my weekly coupon.
Ah, Michaels! Stiff felt in 9x12 pieces in a rainbow of colors. Regularly prices at $.99 each but with this weeks coupon 40% off purchase. SCORE!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Hi Pam, have you tried Nicole's Beadbacking? I tried Lacy's and other "generic" stiff felt and had a terrible issue with it getting frizzy, fuzzy or fraying (however you want to say it.)

I follow Nicole's blog and thought I'd give hers a try and haven't used anything else since then. Just wanted to share because hers comes in a boatload of colors too! Here's her blog:

Happy beading! {Hugs!}

Pam said...

Yes, Dawn, I saw Nicoles site - that's why I went to Michaels. Much cheaper and no shipping with this stiff felt. I haven't had trouble with 'tufts' either. Although, it's called a stiffen felt, it really isn't felt at all.