Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy Wire Wrapped Ring

This is my first attempt at wire wrapped rings. I used 18 guage wire here. The main bead is 10 mm with 2 side beads. You can use any nice sized bead. I bought an inexpensive mandrel and ring sizer on ebay. It's a good starter kit.
Begin with a piece of wire 12-14". Center your bead(s) on the wire and bend each end snug against the bead. Determine your ring size and wrap the wire around the mandrel, just below your size.
The ring will get tighter are you work. You can stop here if you like a narrow band, but I like a little wider so I wrapped a second time. Keep one wire above the bead and one below the bead. Bend the lower
wire up and the upper wire down.
Wrap the ends of the wire snug up against the bead(s). Keep the coiling tight and smooth. Re-check sizing of the ring. Finish by trimming the wires and use crimping tool to tighten the cut ends so they don't scratch.

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